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Assortments can be utilized in two ways:

  • Self-service kiosk assortment

  • Web Shop assortment

With assortments you can define individual products or product categories which are available in the aforementioned self-service channels. Otherwise assortments do not change the way the system works.

Assortment view

Create an Assortment

  1. Click Products in the Back Office menu, and select Assortment.

  2. Click Create in the Assortment view.

  3. Enter basic information for the assortment:

    1. Name

    2. Assortment (optional)

  4. Select the products for the assortment:

    • Select Single product or Category.

      Selecting a single product or category

    • Enter a search term into the Search... field.

      Search term entered into the Search… field

    • Select the product or product category by clicking on the checkbox.

      Selecting a product to the assortment

      • You can also click x on the row of the product/product category to remove it from the list.

  5. When you have selected all the products and/or product categories for the assortment, save your changes by clicking Save. The new assortment is now displayed in the Assortment view.

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