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Changing the Lunch Voucher Minimum and Maximum Values

You can define minimum and maximum lunch prices per payment type in the Back Office. The settings are defined separately for each workstation.

When you change the minimum/maximum values, you need to perform the steps below for all workstations where lunch vouchers are enabled.

  1. Click Configurations in the Back Office menu.

  2. Select a workstation whose settings you want to change by clicking on it.

  3. Open Payment Service settings from Services by clicking Payment Service.

    Payment Service in workstation’s Services list

  4. Select the payment type whose settings you want to modify by clicking it.

    Selecting a payment type

  5. Enter the new minimum and maximum values to the Min value and Max value fields.

    Entering new minimum/maximum values

7. Save your changes by clicking Save in the right-hand top corner.

8. Refresh the data in the workstation in question: in the POS, press Menu and select Refresh. Allow the workstation to restart.

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