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Custobar is a customer data and marketing management system that can be integrated with Solteq Commerce Cloud using Solteq Connector. The Custobar integration makes it possible to create customer segments and send multi-channel communications (email, SMS, push notifications, banners on the page, Google Ads campaigns, etc.) and create automations.

Useful features offered by the integration include:

  • Messages based on customers' purchasing behaviour, where, for example, marketing material can be added.

  • Targeting of communications based on customer groups.

  • Custobar's 360° customer view, which makes it easy to visualise the customer experience and all its events on a timeline for customer service or store staff.

  • All customer, purchase and transaction data compiled in an easy-to-use interface that can be used for targeted marketing.

  • Leverage customer-specific Custobar benefits for Solteq Commerce Cloud checkout sales (benefits are created in an external system).

Customer and sales data will be collected in the system from both brick-and-mortar stores and the online shop.

The frequency of data transfer can be defined separately; for example, customer data can be transferred once a day and sales data once an hour.

The following table describes the data transferred between the systems when the integration has been taken into use.

Transferred data

Transfer direction



Solteq Commerce Cloud → Custobar

The customer data for Solteq Commerce Cloud, which is to be defined separately, will be exported to Custobar (deployment definition workshop).

Custobar infers the loyalty data from the integration message. The loyalty data is defined separately.

Marketing permissions

Custobar → Solteq Commerce Cloud

New & updated marketing permission data can be transferred from Custobar.


Solteq Commerce Cloud → Custobar

All active products will be transferred from Solteq Commerce Cloud to Custobar. Product data will be transferred using the most accurate level (EAN code).

Option: Total balance for EAN code as well as store-specific balance can be transferred.


Solteq Commerce Cloud → Custobar

Sales data will be fetched from the Solteq Commerce Cloud database.

Customers can also join loyalty programs when purchasing products; in this case Custobar will send the instructions for joining to the customer.

Webshop orders

Webshop → Custobar

Order status data can be transferred to Custobar from webshop.

Integration between webshop and Custobar is not included in the scope of normal deployment services or integration. It must be agreed upon and orered separately.

Customer benefits

Solteq Commerce Cloud → Custobar → Solteq Commerce Cloud

Custobar contains data for the customer benefits created in an external system; Solteq Commerce Cloud will check the possible benefits from Custobar based on customer identification (phone number), and the benefit can be then used in the Solteq Commerce Cloud POS. Using the benefit will be noted in Solteq Commerce Cloud, and it will be updated immediately to Custobar. Fetching an flagging the use of customer benefits happens in real time.

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