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Defining New Regular Prices in Advance

You can plan and define new regular prices for products in the Back Office, and define the time and date when the price changes take effect.

If you want the new regular prices to be in effect in all stores, leave the Stores selection empty.

  1. In the Back Office menu, click Pricing.

  2. In the Regular Prices view, click+Add new

  3. In the Regular price view, enter the Name for the the new price list, and add a Description (optional).

    New price list

  4. Select the start date & time and end date & time for the price list.

  5. Select the Stores where the price list will be used.

    Store selected

  6. Select the products for which the new prices will be implemented.

    1. Select a single product

      1. Enter a search term for a product in the Search field.

        Product search

      2. Click the checkbox on the row of the product whose price you want to modify.

      3. Enter the new price for the product in the Regular Price column.

        Entering a new regular price

    2. Select a product category

      1. Click Single and choose Category from the menu.

        Single/Category/All Catalog items selection

      2. Choose the category type.

      3. Enter the category name; the system will display the search results.

      4. Click the checkbox next to the found product category to select the category.

        Product category found

    3. Select all catalog items

      1. Click Single and select All Catalog Items from the menu.

        Single/Category/All Catalog items selection

  7. Enter new Regular Price(s) for the product(s) you have selected for the new price list.

    • You can see the original price of the product in the Company Price column.

    • Margin % is recalculated automatically when the new Regular Price is applied.

      Entering a new regular price

  8. If needed, add new products/product categories and enter new regular prices for them.

  9. To save your new price list, click Save.

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