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Google Analytics Support for Webshop

You can configure Google Analytics support for your Webshop in order to track the actions of your Webshop visitors.

Not all browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox) support Google Analytics. Visitors can also block trackers such as Google Analytics with browser extensions.

First you must have a Google Analytics Account and then create a Webshop Property via Google Analytics.

To create a Webshop Property:

  1. In Google Analytics Admin view, click + Create Property

  2. Give the Property a name and choose the proper time zone and currency according to your business needs

  3. Click Show advanced options:

    Show advanced options button

  4. Enable option Create a Universal Analytics property:

    Enabling Create Universal Analytics property

  5. Type your Webshop URL to the Website URL field

  6. Select option Create a Universal Analytics property only

  7. Click Next

  8. Set up the Business information according to your business needs

  9. Click Create.

Now you can find the Webshop Property’s Tracking Id:

  1. In Google Analytics Admin view, choose the correct Property from the Property dropdown

  2. Click Property Settings.

To configure Google Analytics Tracking Id to your Webshop:

  1. Click Webshop in Back Office menu

  2. Choose the desired brand under Webshop brands

  3. Copy-paste your Tracking Id to the Google Analytics Tracking Id field

  4. Click Save.

It may take up to 15 minutes for the configuration to get refreshed to your Webshop.

Now, if a visitor has consented with the Webshop telemetry cookie policy via THIS WEBSITE USES COOKIES window that is shown to them on their first visit, their actions are tracked with Google Analytics.

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