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Handling Differences in Expected and Received Quantities

When the Received quantity of a Stock In transaction order is less than Expected quantity (1.), you can save the transaction order as Incomplete (2).

You can edit the Received quantities in the transaction order until you finish it by clicking the Finish incomplete button (3.).

Incomplete transaction order.png

Creating an Incomplete transaction order

The system will ask for confirmation in a separate window.

Finish Incomplete.png

Finish incomplete transaction order window

When you click the Finish Incomplete button again, this will adjust the current Stock:

  • The missing part of the order will be counted also as Received, and

  • a separate Stock out transaction order with reason code Missing will be automatically created for the missing part, to subtract the missing quantity from the Stock.

Effects of missing .png

Missing part in Transaction Orders list, and the changes applied to the Stock

Missing transaction order.png

Details of a Missing transaction order

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