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Kitchen Areas

Use this setting to define whether Kitchen Areas are enabled in your Store.

Note that the Kitchen in use switch must also be switched ON; otherwise Kitchen Areas cannot be used.

Kitchen areas settings in Store configurations

After enabling Kitchen areas, a new Kitchen areas section is displayed (under Opening Hours). When you click to extend the new section, a list of different Kitchen Areas is displayed:

  • You can add a new Kitchen Area to the Store by selecting an existing one from dropdown.

    Adding an existing Kitchen Area in Store configurations

  • You can also create new Kitchen Areas for the Store by entering the name of the new area and selecting Create [name of the area] from the dropdown menu.

    Creating a new Kitchen Area in Store configurations

You can also set a Kitchen Area to be the default area; only one area can act as the default. You can also remove Kitchen Areas assigned to a Store (the default area cannot be removed).

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