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Mass Changes to Product Prices with Excel: Video Tutorials

This page contains examples on how you can mass edit selling prices for products in certain category.

In the example below, the selling prices for products in the product group Beer need to be modified (for example, due to supplier increasing purchase prices); minimum margin for the products needs to be calculated, so that the new prices can be set.

Exporting Product Information and Editing it in Excel

  1. Filter products belonging to the product group Beer.

  2. Export the filtered list of products to Excel format.

  3. Remove unneeded columns from the Excel file.

  4. Add new column Margin and calculate the margins for the products.

  5. Adjust product prices to improve margins.

The formula used on the video is: 

margin % = (((selling price - Inprice) / selling price)* 100)

In addition, we calculate the inprice with tax by using the tax percent of the product:


Original Excel file exported from the Back Office:


Edited Excel file:


Importing Edited Product Information to Back Office

  1. Import the edited Excel file back to the Back Office.

  2. Check the Import Result e-mail for errors.

  3. Make changes to the Excel file to fix the error.

Imported Excel file:


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