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Mobile POS Sales

To start a transaction on Mobile POS, add a product to the basket by pressing a product tile from the layout grid.

Layout Grid

After the product has been successfully added to the basket, the basket summary in at the bottom of the screen is updated with the total amount of the order.

In the example above, Total amount is 7.00 SEK because a product with such a price has been selected.

To proceed with the payment, open the basket details by clicking the basket summary section.

Basket details page

On the basket details view, all the products added to the basket are displayed. In this view you can also modify product quantities by swiping the product row to the left.

To pay for the order, select either Cash or Card as the payment method.

Cash Payment

When you select Cash, the order will be automatically completed and the application will only ask whether a receipt needs to be printed out or not.

Successful payment

Card Payment (Verifone)

When you select Card, you will be redirected to the partner’s payment application. After a successful payment you will then be redirected back to the Solteq Mobile POS application.

Verifone payment app flow

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