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Product Options for a Custom Product

Product options can be used to add product groups for a custom product. One example would be to create combo meals, where the customer can select fries or salad and a beverage with a hamburger.

Product options in custom product details

The Product options section contains the following fields:

  • Default: One of the options in a group must be set as the default.

  • Name: You can change the Name of the product in this section, but the new name will only be displayed in the POS; the actual name of the product is not changed in the Back Office.

  • Link: Link to the product information.

  • Q: Quantity of the product in question.

  • Cost: Cost of the product option, based on the purchase price of the product.

  • Price: Price of the product when it is sold as a part of the custom product.

Product options are displayed when the product is added to the Basket in the POS.

Custom product with product options in the POS

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