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Selecting the Delivery Method

To select the delivery method for the contents of the Basket:

  1. When all the products of the order have been added to the Basket, press the Delivery action tile.

  2. Select the delivery type from the available options.

    Selecting the delivery type

    • If you selected the Delivery option, enter the delivery details. Phone number and Street Address 1 are mandatory, while others are optional.

      • Phone number

        • Phone number must start with + and include a country code.

      • Email

      • Street address 1

      • Street address 2

      • Postal code

      • City

      • First name

      • Last name

      • Comments

      • Payment on delivery: Yes/No.

        Delivery details

  3. Press Accept. The selected delivery method is now visible in the Basket.

    Delivery method visible in the Basket

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