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Setting Up PAR Levels for Stock Items

To use PAR levels for a stock item, you need to first add the required information to the stock item settings, add the stock item to a stock, and then set up PAR level settings for the stock item in the stock.

Edit Stock Item Settings

  1. Select the default Order Unit for the stock item.

    Selecting the Order Unit

  2. Click Save to save your changes.

Add Stock Item to Stock and Set Up PAR Level Settings

  1. If the stock item/SKU is not yet in a stock where you want to set up PAR levels for it, add the stock item to the stock.

    • The stock item will be added with 0 quantity.

  2. In the stock item’s Stock information, open the PAR level settings for specific stock by clicking on the Expand ⌃ icon on its row.

  3. Set up minimum and maximum levels (always in base units).

    • The system will automatically calculate the preorder level based on the order unit.

    • It is also possible to override the default order unit here.

      Setting PAR levels for a stock

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

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