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Setting up Yoximo Payment Terminals

Yoximo will only work with WLAN (preferred) or 3G (Cloud terminal). 

Yoximo user instructions can be found here:  (in Finnish) or here (in English).

Before trying WLAN, make sure your Wi-Fi router has at least:

  • WPA2 (AES)

  • 802.11b/g/n

  • 2,4 Frequence

To setup Yoximo WLAN, press the Menu when device is booting up (to reboot the device, push yellow Corr button for 6-10 seconds) first:

  1. Click the Menu button rapidly when device is rebooting and IP address and company name are displayed on the white screen.

  2. Middle button:

    • 1 NOTE: "Aktivoi WLAN" is selected → There is the text "Sulje WLAN".

    • 2 (give SSID)

    • 3 (give password)

  3. To finish the setup. press Stop and accept changes with right button.

  4. Wait for device to reboot

  5. Check that the antenna icon is in the upper left corner. With 3G as fallback, a 3G icon is displayed.

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