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Stock Handling: Video Tutorials

Creating a New Stock Item from GS1

  1. Add a new stock item by entering/scanning a bar code. Product information is provided automatically with GS1’s Synkka service.

  2. Add category and purchase price for the item.

Creating and Initializing a Central Stock

  1. Create a new stock

  2. Add an initial purchase order containing a single stock product.

  3. Receive the purchase order.

Transferring from the Central Stock to a Store Stock

  1. Create a new stock out transaction order in the central stock.

  2. Select products to be transferred.

  3. Complete the order.

  4. Accept the transfer in the store stock.

  5. View updated stock values.

Annual Inventory

  1. Add new inventory for a stock.

  2. Select all products on the chosen stock.

  3. Start inventory.

  4. Use Stock tool to add current product quantity in stock; send the quantity to inventory.

  5. View the pending inventory

  6. Add the rest of the product quantities to inventory and view impact on stock value.

  7. Finish inventory and apply it to the stock.

  8. The adjustments made to the stock are now visible in the Stock Transactions list.

  9. Transactions with Inventory reason are now visible in the Transactions list.

 Average Inprice in Stock

  1. Create a Stock In transaction order, with a new purchase price for a product; finish the order.

  2. View stock insight; the new average inprice for the product is displayed.

  3. Change the inprice of the product and enter a reason code for the change.

  4. View inprice history of the product.

The average inprice calculations per stock uses the following formula in Commerce Cloud: 

  1. Product is added first time to stock: inprice is set as purchase price on transaction order.

  2. When creating initial inventory, copy the possible inprice from the product stock Item or catalog item

  3. Product is added the second time to stock:

    • inprice = ((currentStock * currentInprice) + (addedStock * purchasePrice)) / (currentStock + addedStock)

  4. On transfer order, use the sending Stock inprice for product when adding to new stock:

    • ((currentStockReceiving * currentInpriceReceiving) + (addedStock * currentInpriceSending)) / (currentStock + addedStock)

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