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Test the Castles Technology Payment Terminal

  1. Before testing the new terminal with the workstation, refresh the data in the POS:

  2. If logged in the POS, press Menu and then Refresh.

    Refresh tile in POS menu

  3. If not logged in, press the Settings icon in the right lower-hand corner of the screen, and then Refresh.

    Settings icon

    Refresh tile

  4. Wait for the workstation to restart.

  5. Add any product to the Basket in the POS, and select Card payment.

  6. Both POS and the payment terminal should now display texts requesting the user to insert the card/use contactless payment/swipe the card.

    Awaiting card payment text in the POS

    Awaiting card payment text in the terminal

  7. Press the red x button in the terminal to cancel the payment.

  8. The device is now ready for use.

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