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Utilizing Discounts: Video Tutorials

Creating Staff Discounts (Different Discount Percents for Different Product Categories)

  1. Create a generic customer: STAFF.

  2. Create a 10% discount for products in the Food and Beverages categories. The discount is only valid for STAFF customers.

  3. Create a 5% discount for products in the Beer and Alcohol categories. The discount is only valid for STAFF customers.

  4. Add products to the basket in the POS.

  5. Search and select STAFF customer.

  6. Customer discounts for STAFF are applied in the basket.

Creating a Customer Group and Providing Discounts to its Members

  1. Create a new STAFF customer group for a customer.

  2. Edit discounts so that they are applied to the members of the group.

  3. Add a CustomerCard identifier for a customer.

  4. Add products to the basket in the POS.

  5. Read the customer card of a customer belonging to the STAFF group.

  6. The discounts for STAFF group are applied in the basket.

Creating and Selling a Package Offer

  1. Create a Buy X Get Y discount for a package offer.

  2. Sell the package offer in the POS

Creating a One Time Package Offer for a Hard Bargain Customer

  1. Create a new discount reason code: Package Offer.

  2. Sell the product bundle in the POS with a discounted price, using the Package Offer reason code.

  3. View discount report to check the usage of the reason code.

Creating and Sell a Product Bundle

  1. Create a Bundle price discount: Buy five, only pay for three.

  2. Add products to the basket in the POS, with the bundle price applied in the basket when the requirements for the bundle price are met.

Creating and Selling a Lunch Offer

  1. Add a new discount for a meal: The whole meal is sold with the price of a burger. The discount is valid only during weekday lunch times.

    • To achieve this, a percentage discount must be applied to a particular product size (Meal).

    • Calculation example:

      • Meal €9.90 and Burger $7.90. ((7.9/9.9)-1) * 100 ~= 20.20% (Solteq Burger)

  2. Add the meal with discount to the basket in the POS.

The calculation used still may present a problem in that the discount (in the example, 20.20%) will also be applied for any extra ingredients or additional price changes to the Meal size. To fix this issue we have created a ticket in our backlog.

Creating a Membership Only Offer Valid for All Products

  1. Create a Cart total discount: 15% off from the total price if the total amount is over €100. The discount is valid for all products, but only available for customers belonging to the Members group.

  2. Add products to the basket so that the basket total price is over €100.

  3. Search and select a customer who is a member of the Members group. The discount is applied in the basket.

Order of Precedence for Multiple Discounts

A single product row in the basket can have only one discount applied to it; cumulative discounts on basket product rows are not supported. However, if there are discounted products in the basket, a Cart total type discount can still be applied.

Discounts in the basket are applied in such a way that the lowest calculated price for the customer is always used.


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