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Basic POS Functions

A variety of functions are available for workstations, depending on the user permissions, company configurations, and POS status. The following functions are available as a default, if POS layout or permissions have not been modified:

  • Logout

  • Clear receipt

  • Payment types

  • Menu

    • End-of-Day

    • X-Report

    • Z-Report

    • Find Receipt

    • Find Web Payments

    • Find External Orders

    • Find External Customers

    • Refund Mode (ctrl + x)

    • Find Products (ctrl + s)

    • Stock Out

    • Find Customers (ctrl + a)

    • Find Z-Reports

    • Money In (ctrl + i)

    • Money Out (ctrl + o)

    • Refresh

    • Open Cash Drawer

    • POS Journal Report

    • Orders Unsent to Kitchen

    • Kiosk

    • Split Payments

    • Gift Card

    • Settings

    • Terminal Administration

    • Open Table

If Kitchen is in use, the following functions are also in use:

  • Split Check

  • Parked Orders

  • Send to Kitchen

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