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Cardu is a mobile application which enables using and managing virtual loyalty cards. Solteq Commerce Cloud’s Cardu add-on automatically synchronizes customer data from Cardu to Commerce Cloud. Cardu users can then present the QR code from the application on POS, and when the code is scanned, the Cardu user is identified as a Solteq Commerce Cloud customer.


  1. In Cardu Manager, create an integration account by navigating to Service > Users and clicking CREATE NEW.

    • The integration account must be an e-mail address, because Cardu will send an e-mail invitation to this address.

    • After typing the e-mail address, click DONE, and from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the view choose value PROGRAM_ADMIN and click SAVE.

  2. You will receive an invitation to the e-mail address. Open the invitation and type in a password of your choice, a first name and a last name. The integration account’s name can be freely defined (it is not meaningful). Finally click DONE.

  3. In the Back Office's Integration view, click +Install a new add-on. The Marketplace window is displayed.

  4. Click Install on Cardu row. The Cardu add-on installation page is displayed.

  5. Type in the integration account’s Username (= the e-mail address) and Password, and if needed, set a value for Default customer groups. All synchronized customers will be automatically added to these groups.

  6. Click Save.

Currently Solteq Commerce Cloud supports only a single loyalty card in Cardu.

If you are managing Cardu integrations for more than one Commerce Cloud company, please keep in mind that the integration account must be unique across all companies; do not reuse the integration account with other companies.

Synchronization & Functionality at POS

Currently it is not possible to create new Cardu customers in Solteq Cloud Commerce Back Office or POS. The recommended way is that the customers will create the Cardu loyalty account themselves; this will save time on POS, and salespersons do not need to ask for any GDPR data from customers in the Store.

Whenever a customer adds your company’s loyalty card to their Cardu wallet in Cardu, his/her customer data is immediately synchronized to Commerce Cloud.

When the customer then wants to use a Cardu loyalty card at POS, he/she can show the QR code from their Cardu app, and it can be scanned with the POS’s QR scanner. The customer information is then automatically added to the open Basket.

The value of the QR code is actually a customer Identifier of the CustomerCard type. You can also find it in Back Office, in the Customer Details view.

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