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Delivery Settings

When the Delivery in use switch is in ON position, you need to select the Default delivery type for the Store:

  • None

  • Eat here

  • Takeaway

  • Delivery

Default delivery type options

In addition, the following settings can be defined.

Delivery settings

Delivery Time Slots

You can define time slots for delivery intervals; click +Add new delivery time to add delivery time slots. The time slot options will be available on Kitchen Tablet; when starting to prepare the food, the kitchen staff can then estimate and select a time slot for the delivery of the order. See the example in the video tutorial.

Delivery time slots

Delivery Configuration

In case you want to use delivery fees, create first a service product (named Delivery, for instance).

In addition, creating a separate Payment on delivery fee service product is strongly recommended.

You can define the following settings for deliveries.

  • Min total for delivery: Minimum total price the order must have so that delivery option can be used.

  • Total for free delivery: If the price of an order equals or exceeds this sum, there is no delivery fee.

  • Delivery product: Select the service product used for deliveries here.

If the Payment on delivery switch is in ON position, you can also define the following:

  • Payment on delivery fee: The fee added to the order total when the order is paid when delivered.

  • Payment on delivery fee product: Select the service product used for payment on delivery fees here.

Delivery configuration example

Delivery Costs

You can use this setting to define the cost of deliveries based on maximum distance in kilometers; click +Add New Delivery Cost to add delivery costs.

Delivery costs entered here will override the price setting in the delivery product’s information.

Delivery costs example

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