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Service Product Settings

When you have selected Service Product as the product type when creating a product, the following view is displayed.

New service product

Open Service

Select the Open Service check box if you want the service product in question to be an open product, that is, a product whose price is defined on the POS when it is sold.

Custom Fields

You can add custom fields to a service product. When a service product is sold on POS, the salesperson fills the custom fields (in the example below, Address and Door code) with the required information.

Example of custom fields displayed on POS

To start adding custom fields to a service product, click +Add Custom Field.

A custom field has the following information:

  • ID

  • Field Name

  • Field type; select one:

    • Text

    • Number

    • Regular Expression

    • Static Text

Use the Mandatory switch to mark a custom field as mandatory.

Custom fields in the Back Office

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