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Open Products

An open product is a product which has only tax percent defined for it.

In some cases customers may want to buy products with missing barcodes, or products which have not yet been created in the system. To handle these situations, you can use open products to create "Category Products", whose prices are entered manually on POS when they are sold, but sales are recorded under a correct category and VAT rate in reporting. For this to work, create an open product for every product category and needed VAT rate bracket (0%, 10%, 14%, 24%, and such) in the Back Office.

To facilitate selling these types of open products on POS, you can add product tiles for them to the POS layout. For example: Food, Beverages, Alcohol, Candy, and such. You can also add a separate tab in the POS layout for these product tiles, if needed.

Create an Open Product

You can add open products in the Back Office in the same way as other products:

  • Enter the Tax Percent value for the product, but leave the other information fields empty.

  • The Open product checkbox must be then checked in the product’s Basic Information.

Example of an open product with VAT 14% and Mainfood category

Open Products in the POS

Creating open product tiles to POS layout (with different VAT percentages) is recommended, to facilitate selling open products in the POS.

When an open product is added to the basket in the POS, it must be given a price, and can also be given an optional description.

Open product being added to the Basket in the POS

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