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Creating Tiles for POS Layout

You can create Product, Ingredient, URL and Sction tiles by clicking the Add new tile icons in the POS Layout Designer.

Add New Tile icon in the POS Designer

Tiles need to be created separately for all tabs (unless you are using a custom footer; its tiles will be visible in all tabs).

You can freely change the size and position of tiles by dragging and dropping them into the grid. You can also define the name as well as background and text colour for the tiles.

Adding tiles to the POS layout

To delete a button, select the button and click Delete.

Tile Info

Tile info

You can define various settings for the tiles, described below.

Item Type

Select the type of the tile from the drop-down menu.


If the selected item type is Product, pressing the tile will add the product in question to the basket. Select the product in the Product field, by using the drop-down menu or searching for the product by entering its name or part of its name in the field.


If the selected item type is Ingredient, pressing the tile will add the ingredient in question to the basket. Select the ingredient in the Ingredient field, by using the drop-down menu or searching for the ingredient by entering its name or part of its name in the field.


If the selected item type is Url, pressing the tile will open a link (to Back Office main view or POS Layout Designer, for example). Enter the link in the Item Url field.


If the selected item type is Action, pressing the tile triggers an action. Select the action by clicking the drop-down menu in the Action field.

  Saving the POS Layout every time you have created a new tile is recommended.



Add free text

Adds a pre-defined text to the receipt, or displays a field where the text can be entered and added to the receipt.

Pre-defined text will be added to the receipt if the Default content field has text content.

In addition, there are two optional fields:

  • Print on receipt: Yes/No

    • Defines whether the free text will be printed on receipt.

  • Do not send to kitchen: Yes/No

    • Defines whether free text is sent to kitchen; by default all the free texts are sent to kitchen. (The feature is intended to be used with the Fine Dining kitchen flow.)

Apply discount

Applies a discount. Required fields are:

  • Discount percent: The amount of discount in percentage.

  • Reason Code: The reason code used for the discount.

  • Discount type: defines whether the discount will be applied to one product, category, or total price.

Change amount

Enables changing the amount of the last product that has been added to the Basket.

Change price

Enables changing the price of the last product that has been added to the Basket.

Clear receipt

Clears the receipt.

Custom cash report preview

Generates a custom end-of-day report.


Displays the Delivery window.


Starts the Daily Cash Settlement.

End-of-Day for another POS

Starts the Daily Cash Settlement for another workstation.

Find Z-reports

Opens Z-report search.

Find customers

If customer has not been selected, opens customer search. If customer has been already selected, adds the customer in the basket information.

Find products

Opens product search.

Find receipts

Opens receipt search.

Find web payments

Opens web payment search.

Journal Report

Opens a view for sending a journal report to an e-mail address.


Enables manual opening and closing of self-service kiosk. Normally the open hours of self-service kiosk are dependent on kitchen open hours; this functionality enables overriding those settings.


Enables logging out from the POS. Functions in a similar manner as the Log Out button in the bottom lefthand corner of the POS screen.


Opens the POS menu. Functions in a similar manner as the Menu button in the bottom lefthand corner of the POS screen.

Money In

Opens the Money In functionality.

Money In for another POS

Opens the Money In functionality for another workstation.

Money Out

Opens the Money Out functionality.

Money Out for another POS

Opens the Money Out functionality for another workstation.

Negative row

Use the in the Product drop-down menu in the tile settings to select a product; the product will be added to the Basket with a negative price when the tile is pressed.

If no product is selected in the tile settings, the POS switches into Refund Mode when the tile is pressed.

Open cash drawer

Opens the cash drawer.

Open tab

Opens a new tab. Select the tab from the Tab dropdown menu.

Open table

Opens the table planner.

Orders unsent to kitchen.

Opens the list of orders that have not been sent to the kitchen.

Park order

Enables parking the order and resuming it.

Print last receipt

Prints the last receipt generated in the POS.


Checks whether there are updates to the configurations.

Refund mode

Activates Refund Mode, if not active; if Refund Mode is active, deactivates it.

Refund product

Select a product in the tile settings; when the tile is pressed in the POS, it will add the product to the Basket in Refund Mode.

Sales report

Generates the sales report in the POS, according to the configurations. The report can be configured when the tile is created or afterwards:

  • Date range: The dates the report will cover.

  • Category type: Category type included in the report.

  • Dimension: Store or Workstation.


Simulates barcode scanning. With this action you can directly input the product barcode (SKU) manually; this is useful in situations where the barcode on the product has been damaged, for example.

The action can also be used to create new products in the POS; enter a simple SKU (for example: 205554) at the start of the product creation.

Search External Customers

Opens external customer search.

Search External Products

Opens external product search.

Search External Referral

Opens external referral search.

Sell gift card

Enables selling gift cards.

Send to Kitchen

Sends order to kitchen.

Set price

Changes the price of the last product row in the Basket to the price defined in the tile settings.


Displays the POS settings.

Split check

Enables splitting the check.

Split payments

Opens the Split Payments functionality.

Start payment

Starts payment for the contents of the Basket; salesperson can select between the available payment methods.

Start/End Shift

Starts/ends the shift.

Stock out

Activates Stock Out Mode.

Terminal administration

Opens the Terminal Administration view in POS.


Opens the X-report preview.


Opens the Z-report preview

Item title

Text which is visible in the POS tile.

Font Size

Font size of text visible on the tile. Select size from the dropdown menu:

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

  • Extra Large


You can use the Shortcut functionality to define a keyboard shortcut for the tile. When the defined key (or combination of keys such as Alt+J) is pressed in the POS keyboard, this will then activate the same function as pressing the corresponding tile in the POS.

Item Icon

Default icons are available for most functions.

Examples of item icons

The following table contains a list of default Commerce Cloud item icons. To use one of the icons, insert its URL in the Item icon field of a tile. You can also use your own icons/URLs, if needed.




End of Day

Find Customers

Find External Customers

Find External Orders

Find External Products

Find Products

Find Receipt

Find Z-reports

Journal report


Money In

Money Out

Open Cash Drawer

Orders Unsent to Kitchen


Refund Mode



Background Color

Defines the background color of the tile.

Text color

Defines the text color in the tile.

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