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Parked Orders

The Park Order function can be used only when there are products in the Basket. When an order is parked, you can add a free-form reference note to it. Adding the note makes it easier to find the order later.

Parked orders can be viewed and unparked (returned to the Basket) when the Basket is empty. When it is time to finalize the purchase, the order is then unparked and the payment is made normally.

Park an Order

  1. When there are products in the Basket, press Park Order.

  2. Enter a reference note (optional).

    Entering a reference note for a parked receipt

  3. Press Enter. The Basket is emptied, and the text Order parked is displayed in the Basket.

    Basket with Order parked notification

Unparking an Order

  1. When the Basket is empty, press Parked Orders. Parker Orders view is displayed.

    • You can use the Edit Filters tile to change the filters used in the view.

      Parked Orders view with Edit filters tile highlighted

  2. Select the order you want to unpark and press Unpark.

    • You can also Print the order or Change Reference of the order, if needed.

      Unparking the selected order

  3. The order is again displayed in the basket.

    Unparked order returned to the Basket

Troubleshooting Parked Orders

If you are unable to find a parked order which should be visible in the Parked orders list, this may be because

  • the order has been unparked on another POS, or

  • there has been a synchronization error between POS and the Solteq Commerce Cloud Back Office, or

  • the POS was frozen after unparking an order, and had to be restarted by force.

In this case:

  1. Press the Show Unparked tile in Parked orders view to display the list of unparked orders.

    Show Unparked tile

  2. Select the order you want from the list to continue with it.

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