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Order Statuses


When the status occurs

Possible further actions


Order is fully ready:

  • paid

  • with a receipt printed, and

  • ready in the Kitchen.

Order can be voided during the same business day or refunded on POS.

Fully refunded

Order has been fully refunded for a customer.



Order is currently parked on a table.

Order can be unparked from the POS or cancelled from the Back Office.

In kitchen

Order is currently in the Kitchen, waiting to be prepared.

Order can be set as Ready in the Kitchen.

Partially refunded

Order has been partially refunded for a customer.

Order rows that have not yet been refunded can be refunded on POS.

Awaiting for approval

Order is currently awaiting for approval in the Kitchen.

Order can be approved or rejected in the Kitchen.


Order is waiting to be paid on an external system.

Customer needs to either pay or cancel the order on the external system.


Order has been cancelled.



Order has been voided on the POS. Voiding can only be done during the same day as the original order was made.

The voided receipt can be copied on the POS, if there is a need to change the payment method after the payment has been made.


Order is waiting for

  • payment

  • receipt printing

Order can be marked as Ready in the Back Office, if only receipt printing is missing. See Order Events.

Unpaid in external system

Order could not be set as paid on an external system due to a technical issue.

Order should be manually set/checked as paid on the external system. After that, the order can be set as Ready from the Back Office.

Unsent to Kitchen

Order could not be sent to the Kitchen. Usually this is because of a technical problem in the Master workstation

Order can be manually sent to the Kitchen from the Master workstation.

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