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Split Payments for Restaurants and Bars

It is common for bars to have multiple standalone payment terminals, as well as restaurant customers to pay at their table using standalone payment terminals. In these cases it is convenient to simply make fast payments using the Cash payment method, and then later count the standalone payment terminal payments, actual cash, and vouchers before taking care of the end-of-day routines. When this option is used, it also useful to split the receipt and move directly to cash payment with the Set All Paid function.

Configuring standalone payment terminals with clearly discernible names makes it easy to follow up the reporting when a report is generated from the terminal at the end of day and compared with the Z-report.

To start using this option in the POS, simply add a Split Payments action tile to the POS UI layout, or use the Split Payments action from the POS menu.

The process for the end-of-day routine with split payments is the following:

  1. Use the Split Payments function. In the example below:

    1. Total payments to be split.

    2. Payments which are available for splitting.

    3. Payments which will be excluded from splitting.

    4. Current difference, which needs to be 0.00 before you can use the Finalize action.

  2. Split the payments as you see fit, based on information you get from (for example): Printouts from payment terminals, ePassi application, and such.

  3. Generate the Z-Report.

  4. Settle the daily cash.

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