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Creating New Products in the POS

It is possible to create new products in the POS by scanning the barcode of the product. Product Creation Wizard will guide the POS user through the steps of creating a product.

Some steps in product creation are different, depending on whether the product has its information enriched with GS1, and/or whether the product should be added to stock handling:

  • If the product information can be fetched with GS1, the Name and Vat rate are automatically filled for the product.

  • The steps for entering the stock info (Purchase Price, Initial Stock Quantity) for the product will be skipped, if the POS is

    • in the company that has Stock Handling enabled, and

    • the store has a specific stock connected to it.

By default the Measurement Unit value for products created in POS is set to PCS. After the product has been created, it can be changed by editing the product information in the Back Office.

In order to use this feature, the POS user needs to belong to a user group which has the Product creation on POS permission.

Users who do not have the permission to create new products in POS will see the error message Scanned barcode not found when they scan a product that does not yet exist in Commerce Cloud.

Enable Creating New Products in POS for a User Group

  1. Click Users in the Back Office menu and select User Groups.

  2. Click a group from the user groups list to make changes to its permissions.

  3. in the POS section click the Product creation on POS checkbox.

    Product creation on POS permission

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

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