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Stock Handling

Stock Handling in Commerce Cloud enables you to view and manage stock data.

You can view stock information by clicking Stock Handling in the Back Office menu. The Stock Handling view displays all the Stocks of your company.

Stock Handling.png

Stock Handling view

One Stock can belong to only one Store, but a Stock can also be used as a Central Stock, if it has not been allocated to any Store.

By clicking on the row of a Stock you can view its details.

Stock details

The following information is displayed:

  • Name of the Stock and the Store it belongs to.

  • Stock value (Overall/In/Out)

  • Inventory

    • Date and time of the latest inventories.

  • Transaction Orders

    • Transaction orders can be either Pending or Done.

  • Stock Transactions

    • Transferred stock items and their quantities.

  • Stock Insight

    • Current stock balances of products.

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