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Applying a Product-Row Specific Discount

  1. Add the product to the basket.

  2. Select the product row and then press the pen icon in the upper right-hand corner of the product details.

    Edit icon in the product details

  3. You can enter the discount as an amount of currency, or a percentage of the price. The other Discount, as well as Price and Margin fields are automatically updated.

    You can also change the price directly in the Price field.

    Entering a single row discount

  4. Select a Reason Code for the discount.

    • The Price Change code is used in cases where the product price is incorrect, and the price is then adjusted at the workstation.

      Selecting the discount reason code

  5. Click Accept to give the discount, or Clear if you want to clear the discount.

You can use Clear even if the discount has been already calculated and the change has been approved in the basket.

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