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Authentication for Mobile POS

You must belong to a user group with POS Installer permissions to perform authentication for Mobile POS.

The first step to start using Mobile POS is that an active user of a company that has an active subscription to Solteq Commerce Cloud performs the authentication.

Authentication is a one-time process; it is not required every time you want to use the Mobile POS application. As long as you do not log out from Mobile POS, the application will be refreshing the authentication token automatically and keep the session live.

Some devices like CASTLES or Verifone do not support web browsers and authentication has to be done via Device Code. The authentication page will show automatically as the first screen of the application. To log in by a Device Code, you need to have a second device that supports browsers and has Internet access, for example: mobile phone, tablet, or notebook.

If the device has a camera, the easiest way is to scan the QR code visible on the screen. This will automatically open the browser, and you can proceed with Commerce Cloud authentication.

Device code screen

Successful authentication on the second device should result in the view below.

Successful authentication page

After successful authentication, you can close the browser on the second device and return to the Mobile POS application, which should automatically recognize the successful login and redirect you to the next view.

If the second device does not have a camera to scan the QR code, it is also possible to manually enter the URL shown in the device code screen to the browser address field on the second device.

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