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MobilePay Payment

A QR code is required for the customers to check in and accept/reject the payment via the MobilePay App. The QR Code can be either

  • in a sticker (attached to the payment terminal, for instance)

  • displayed automatically in a customer display.

Payment statuses used with Vipps MobilePay are the following:

  • Waiting for customer: The customer has not yet scanned the QR code.

    Waiting for customer.png

    Waiting for customer screen in POS

    In Kiosk, the QR code is displayed as soon as the customer chooses Vipps MobilePay as the payment method for the order.


    Waiting for customer screen in a Kiosk

  • Payment created, waiting approval: The customer has scanned the QR code. The payment has been created, and customer needs to approve it in the app.

    Waiting for payment.png

    Payment created, waiting for approval screen in POS


    Payment created, waiting for approval screen in Kiosk

Refunds not supported only for MobilePay payments.

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