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Navigation in Mobile POS

To open the Mobile POS application menu, press the menu button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Mobile POS Application main view

Toggled Mobile POS application menu

There are five different actions you can select from the menu, described below.

Selecting Sales will display the main layout view for Sales.

Selecting Orders will display the Orders view, which contains a list of all the orders created from the store the workstation belongs to.

Orders view

Selecting Settings will display the Configuration view, which displays the settings of the Mobile POS application

Configuration view

Selecting Help & About will display the Help & About view which contains the Mobile POS application details.

Help & About view

You can report errors found in the application by selecting Report a bug. Enter then the description of the bug, and press Send.

Reporting a bug

Selecting Log Out will log you out from the application. After logging out you will be redirected to the Authentication page.

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