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Set up the Device (V3P3 Cashier)

  1. Unbox the payment terminal. Check that the box contains the device, power cable and Ethernet cable.

  2. Connect the power cable as seen in the image below.

    Connecting the power cable

  3. Plug the power cable to an electrical outlet and the Ethernet cable to an Ethernet outlet with connection.

  4. Power up the payment terminal by pressing the Power On button. Powering up the device will take approximately one minute.

  1. When the terminal has powered up, press the Power On button for a few seconds so that the terminal settings are displayed. Take note of the Terminal ID of the device; you will need it to complete the setup.

    Terminal ID in the device settings

  2. Next, Update (or Create) the Card Payment Settings in the Back Office.

You can also check the terminal ID and other settings later by pressing on the Power On button for a few seconds.

Device Terminal IDs are also listed in your company’s Poplapay portal:

  1. Login to the portal and select Profile → Terminals.

    Popla portal menu

  2. Terminal IDs are listed in the ID column.

    Terminal IDs in the Poplapay portal

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