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Setting up Yomani Payment Terminals

Device Settings in the Poplapay service

  • Device name on local network is test1

  • Cloud Terminal Id is 30862

  • MAC is 0008194a4082

Device Settings for the Workstation

The following settings are used in the workstation’s Payment Service configurations.

Payment Service settings

Local Terminal

  1. Can you connect device to same local network that POS is? If yes, always perform setup without Cloud terminal; if not, use Cloud terminal.

  2. Device address can be found from the Poplay website. Use terminalId with cloud terminals and device name with local mode.

  3. If you have printer in the terminal and would like to use it: Click the Has printer switch to Yes position. 

  4. Choose the language.

  5. Enter Location code and Pos id. You can choose what values to use.

  6. Keep PROD in the APIkey field. If you have your own API key for terminal, add it to Configuration → Payments → Poplapay.

When terminal is connected to the internet (via cable, WLAN or 3G) turn it on and wait. If terminal has been never used before, switching the power on will take a while; the terminal may also need to reboot itself because of updates

When using Poplapay terminals, always set up Health Check interval in Workstation POS Service settings.

Device health check interval in POS Service settings

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