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Taking MobilePOS Device into Use

  1. Turn the device power on.

  2. Select the language.

  3. Select OK on the screen with the device information.

  4. Select the wireless network you want to use with the device.

  5. Enter the DeviceID (provided by Verifone in the e-mail) into the DeviceID field on the screen.

    • Note that DeviceID is unique, and you can only enter the ID in the e-mail for one device.

    • If you have any questions regarding the Verifone e-mail or DeviceID, please contact Verifone directly.

  6. After this the device will restart.

  7. When the device restart is complete, continue with the Authentication; follow the instructions to take the terminal into use.

If you encounter problems when taking the device into use, contact Verifone. If the problem is in the POS app (after authenticating the device), you may also contact Solteq Customer Service.

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