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Voiding a Receipt

A receipt can be voided for a purchase which has been made during the ongoing day. The refund for the purchase will be made using the payment type which was used for the original purchase.

If the receipt has been generated earlier, it can be refunded (either using the original receipt or without the original receipt), but not voided.

  1. Search for the receipt by either

    1. scanning the barcode of the receipt, or

    2. pressing Menu and selecting Find Receipt in the POS. The receipt list is displayed.

  2. Select the receipt and press the Void Receipt tile.

  3. Select a reason code (these are the same reason codes which are used for refunds).

  4. Add a note, if required.

  5. Confirm the voiding by pressing Void.

  6. Confirm the payment of the voided amount (if required) by pressing OK.

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