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Gift Card Product Settings

Creating only one gift card product for your company is sufficient, if there is no need to split accounting between different types of gift cards.

When you have selected Gift Card Product as the product type when creating a product, the following view is displayed.

New gift card product

The only details you should enter for a gift card product are the following:

  • Name

    • Name of the gift card product, for example: Gift card.

  • VAT Rate

    • The recommendation is to have 0% Vat Rate for gift cards; the taxes will be paid when gift card is exchanged to actual products with their own VAT Rates. Gift cards are sold without any tax.

  • Categories

    • The recommendation is to simply have a Gift card category for gift cards. If it does not exist, it can be created when adding the category to the gift card.

When you have entered the details, click Submit to save your changes and create the new gift card product.

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