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Adding a New POS User

To add a new POS user, click Add POS User in the POS Users view. The Add POS user view is displayed.

Add POS user view

Enter the following details for the new POS user (Name, Surname, Language and Handedness are mandatory):

  • Name

  • Surname

  • External ID

    • POS user’s ID in an external system; used with integrations.

  • Cost Unit

  • Language: POS UI language selection.

  • Handedness

    • Selecting Right/Left determines the placement of Basket and tiles in POS

      Right handed POS.PNG

      Basket and tile placement when Right has been selected for Handedness

      Left handed POS.PNG

      Basket and tile placement when Left has been selected for Handedness

  • Track shifts: Click this switch to ON position if Personnel Ledger is used for tracking the working hours of the POS user.

  • Identifiers: PIN code and/or card ID used for logging in to the POS

    • The system will automatically generate a random four-digit PIN code for the user. The PIN code can be changed after the user has been created.

  • Period of employment: Start and end dates of POS user’s employment.

    • If start and end dates of the POS user’s employment are given, the POS user will be active only during that period of time.

To save your changes and create the new POS user, click Submit.

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