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Personnel Ledger

Personnel Ledger of Solteq Commerce Cloud enables you to track the working hours of personnel, as well as generate hour reports and view in real-time who is currently working (using cost unit as a filter, for example).

Activate Personnel Ledger

  1. In the Back Office Company Configurations, switch the the Personnel Ledger switch to ON position.

    Personnel Ledger switch in Company Configurations

  2. Next, define Read/Modify Personnel Ledger permissions for the needed User Groups in the Back Office.

    • Note that exporting a report requires Modify permissions.

      Personnal Ledger permissions

There are also three fields in User settings which have an effect on Personnel Ledger usage:

  • Social Security Number

    • Used for reporting needs.

    • Will be treated as GDPR data, and therefore Audit logs are also generated whenever any user data is accessed.

    • This field can also be used for personnel numbers in the company‚Äôs HR system, for example.

  • Cost Unit

    • The cost units the working hours of the person can be logged to.

    • Person may belong to multiple cost units (working on multiple locations, for instance).

    • Optional field.

  • Track shifts

    • If some persons are not part of the ledger, this settings can be set to OFF position for them.

    • These persons (such as Administration) are not forced to start shift when logging on to POS.

User settings for Personnel Ledger usage

There is an option to have a user group without access to POS. Users belonging to the group can only use POS for logging hours.

To create such user group, set the POS action switch to OFF position for a user group.

POS action switch in user group settings

Hour Reports

You can view the hour report by clicking Users and selecting Personnel Ledger in the Back Office menu.

Personnel Ledger view

As a default, the report displays the hours of the personnel who are currently working. You can also use the following filters to narrow down the data:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Cost Unit

  • Status (Active or Inactive).

  • Date

    • Custom period (select the period)

    • Full Months (select the months)

    • Today

    • Yesterday

    • This week

    • Previous week

    • This month

    • Previous month

    • This year

    • Previous Year

After selecting the filters, click Apply Filters to update the data in the view.

You can export the data (with the selected filters in effect) in Excel format by clicking Export to Excel ; this way it is easy to create reports containing the working hours of a week or a month, and provide it to HR, for example.

It is also possible to use Solteq Connector to integrate Commerce Cloud hour reporting with existing HR systems to automate hour report sending.

The following fields are available for reporting (Excel and API):

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Social Security Number / Person Number

  • Cost Unit

  • Shift started date and time

  • Shift ended date and time

  • System timestamp marking shift start

  • System timestamp marking shift end

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