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Company Configurations

You can view and modify your company information by clicking Configurations in the Back Office menu, and then selecting a company from the Companies list.

Company configurations

The following company information is displayed in the Company view. Whenever you have made changes to the information, click Save to save your changes.




Additional Information

Company Name

This is the name used when the company has been registered in Commerce Cloud.

Company names or organization numbers cannot be changed in the Back Office. In case you want to change the company name, please contact Solteq Commerce Cloud support:

Company Organization Number

The Organization Number of the company is its VAT identification number (including the country prefix) used when the company has ben registered in the Commerce Cloud.

Time Zone

Select the time zone used for your company.

End of Business Day

Use this setting to define the end of business time for your company.

End of business day means that any sales for a given day are reported up to that time. For example, if a restaurant opens at 11:00 AM and the end of business day is 01:00 AM, the sales between 11:00 and 01:00 are reported for the day when the restaurant opened.

As a default business time ends at 00:00. If you do not make changes to this setting, the default business end time will be used.

POS Login Options

Select the method users need to use when logging in to the POS. The options are the following.

  • PIN Code

  • Identity Server

  • PIN code and Identity server


Select the currency used for the company's transactions.

Tax Rates in Use

Defines which tax rates are listed when creating new products.

Example Finnish tax rates

Cost Unit

Use this setting to select the cost unit of the company. You can create new cost units by entering the name of the cost unit in the field and selecting Create [Cost unit name].

You can also create cost units  by clicking Accounting and selecting Cost Units in the Back Office menu, and the clicking ADD NEW in the Cost Units view.

Check Identity on Total Cash

Use this setting to define whether customer identity must be verified when the total sum of transaction is paid with cash.

Payment Identity Note

Use this setting to define the payment identity note. It can be defined separately in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Header and Footer Free Text 

Use these fields to define receipt printout texts.

Receipt Private and Company Layouts

Use these fields to define separate receipt printout layouts for private and company customers.

Company Logo

Add your company logo here by dragging-and-dropping an image file or inserting a web link. The logo will be visible in the cash register login dialog, PDF receipts and self-service kiosks. 


You can switch the following settings to be ON or OFF for your company.



Price correction

Select whether price correction can be used in your company's workstations.

If price correction is not used, the prices are always set, and no discounts can be given.

Fiscal service in use

Select whether fiscal rules are applied for your company. If fiscal service is set to ON, workstations also need to have Fiscal Service installed in order for the setting to take effect. Fiscal Service can be installed via cash register program.

Accounting in use

Select whether Accounting service is in use.

Print receipt copies

Select whether the cash register program should always print out a copy of a receipt.

Print unit price

Select whether unit price will be included in receipts.

Personnel ledger

Select whether Personnel Ledger is in use.

Stock Handling in use

Stock Handling can be switched ON if you have purchased a Stock Handling system to accompany Solteq Commerce Cloud. These two systems are sold separately.


Select whether Webshop is enabled.

Shelf Label Printing

Select whether Shelf Label Printing is enabled.

Print whole product name

Select whether the whole product name is printed in receipts and Kitchen receipts.

Automatic Label Collecting

Select whether Automatic Label Collecting for shelf labels is enabled when a price change is due for a product. You can define how much beforehand the labels will be collected for printing.

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