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Create Inventory with Excel Import

You can create an inventory for stock items in Excel format, and then update the Stock balance in the Back Office by importing the Excel file to the Back Office:

  1. Create the inventory Excel file. There are a number of options for this (you can also use more than one method to create the Excel file, if needed):

    1. Filter the stock item list by entering a search term to the Search… field and then export the filtered list by clicking the Export to Excel icon (c).

    2. Download the empty stock item Excel template by clicking the Download Templates icon.

    3. Download all stock item information in Excel format by clicking the Export to Excel icon.

  2. Open the Excel file file you downloaded.

  3. Perform the inventory: Enter the stock item SKUs to the sku column and their corresponding amounts to the capacityUnitAmount column.

    • These are the only columns you need to fill; delete other columns before importing the Excel file to the Back Office.

    • Delete unnecessary stock item rows.

    • You can use different column names if you wish, but the order of the two columns must be the same as in the example image below.

      Mandatory columns in the inventory Excel

  4. Create the inventory in the Back Office: click +Add new in the Inventory view of the Stock.

  5. Enter details for the new inventory:

    • Name

    • Comment (optional)

    • Starts: Starting date for the inventory

    • From: Starting time for the inventory

    • Select All Stock Items to be added to the inventory. When you import the Excel file, any items not included in the Excel will be removed.

      All Stock items in the drop-down menu

  6. When you have entered all the required information for the inventory, start the inventory by clicking Start Inventory. The inventory is now in Pending state.

  7. Import the inventory list Excel file you created by clicking on the Import icon on the toolbar, and selecting the file by clicking Import.

    Importing inventory information

  8. The system displays a notification following a successful import.

    Notification about a successful import

  9. The inventoried stock items and their amounts are now updated in the inventory information.

    Updated inventory

  10. When the inventory is ready, click Finish Inventory and confirm this by clicking Finish. The stock balances of stock items are updated, and the inventory status is updated to Done.

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