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Creating a Gift Card in the POS

Gift cards can be created in the POS either using POS Menu or a separate Sell gift card tile (see here for instructions for adding the tile to the POS layout).

  1. Press Menu and select Gift Card.

  2. Press the gift card template you want to use, and press Select.

  3. Enter the value for the gift card and press OK.

    • The default value is the value defined in the template settings.

    • The range of possible values is also displayed here.

  4. Select the delivery method:

    • Print: The gift card containing a QR code will be printed out from the receipt printer of the workstation.

    • Email: The gift card will be sent in PDF format to the e-mail address you enter in the Email field.

    • Customer reference is a free text field you can use to add additional information.

  5. Click Accept.

  6. You can now proceed to payment normally.

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