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When the products the customer wants to purchase have been added to the basket, the payment can be made with the chosen payment type. If the POS has an integrated payment terminal, the total price will be transferred automatically to the terminal. If there is a separate payment terminal, an External payment type (defined in the Payment Service settings of the workstation must be used for the basket, and the total price must be entered in the payment terminal.

Subtotals are not used in the POS; the total price of the basket is recalculated after every change made to the basket, which means that the payment is started by just selecting the payment type.

Lunch Benefit Vouchers and Cards

You can define minimum and maximum prices for lunch benefit vouchers and cards. If the total price is smaller than the minimum sum defined for the payment type, the payment cannot be completed.

If the total sum of the basket is higher than the maximum amount defined for the payment type, the extra amount can be paid with any other payment type, if combining payment types has been allowed in the Payment Service settings of the workstation.


Invoice can also be used as a payment type in the POS. When using this payment type, the invoice information (reference, salesperson, order number) can be entered in the invoice in the POS.

Using the Invoice payment type will not send the actual invoice to the customer; the invoice sent to the customer must be generated in the company’s own invoicing.

The information to be filled when using Invoice payment type can be defined by selecting Invoice in the Payment Service settings of the workstation, and then modifying the settings.

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