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Dosing Groups

Dosing groups are groupings of ingredients, which are useful when you want to make a list of prices for doses of extra ingredients for a custom product.

Very common use case of dosing groups and related pricing is creating a pizza with freely selectable toppings, for example. If there are more than one pizza size, it is also possible to create different dosing groups for different pizza sizes.

You can view the list of created dosing groups in the Dosing Groups view. Click Ingredients and select Dosing Groups from the Back Office menu.

Dosing Groups view

You can add new dosing groups by clicking +Add new.

Dosing group details

Search for an ingredient by entering a (full or partial) search term into the Search… field, and the select the ingredient from the search results.

Ingredient selected for the dosing group

Enter the following information for the selected ingredient:

  • Dosing: indicates the amount of selling measurements in one dose of the ingredient.

  • Price: indicates how much one dose of the ingredient costs when it is a part of the dosing group.

  • Waste % (optional): indicates the waste percentage of the ingredient. The maximum percentage is 100%.

You can also add dosing groups for an ingredient when editing ingredient information.

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