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Editing Gift Card Details

You can click on a gift card in the Gift Cards view to view and/or edit its details. Once a gift card has been created in the system, its following details can still be changed:

  • Customer link: Hard link to a customer in Customers.

    • If this setting is used, the gift card can be used only when the linked customer has been added to the Basket.

    • When the customer is added to Basket, all active linked gift cards for the customer are displayed.

  • Customer reference: A free text field which can be used for filtering out a batch of gift cards created, printed and shipped for a certain customer, for example.

  • Valid from (select date)

  • Valid to (select date)

Gift card details

Edit Gift Card Details

  1. Click Edit in the Gift Card Details view.

  2. Edit the gift card details.

    Editing Gift Card Details.png

    Gift card Details

  3. Click Save to save your changes.

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