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Customers in Solteq Commerce Cloud can be either Private or Company customers. Customers can belong to one or several customer groups, and can be given identifiers.

When a customer is added to the Basket on POS, the discounts defined for the customer or customer group are applied.

You can view and manage customer information, as well as create new customers in the Customers view of Back Office, which can be accessed by clicking Customers in the Back Office menu.

Customers view in the Back Office

To narrow down the list of customers displayed in the view, use Search and/or click Filters and select one or several filters from the drop-down-menu:

  • Customer type: Private or Company.

  • Credit allowed: Yes or No.

  • Updated: Select the time range of the last update to customer information.

  • Group: Select the customer group.

To apply the selected filters, click Apply Filters.

Customer Profile of a customer can be accessed by clicking on the row of the customer. The profile contains different details, depending whether the customer is a Private or Company customer

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