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Grouped Sales Report

A Grouped Sales Report makes it possible to generate an Excel report (similar to the reports that can be generated in POS) in the Back Office.

You can use the following filters when exporting the data:

  • Store: generate report for all, one, or several stores

  • Business date (required) define time range to filter:

    • Custom period (define the period)

    • Full months (define the months)

    • Today

    • Yesterday

    • This week

    • Previous week

    • This month

    • Previous month

    • This year

    • Previous year

  • Category Type: Default value: group. Only one category type is available for filtering.

  • Category: Generate report for all, one, or several categories based on the chosen category type.

Generating the report requires that you belong to a user group with Statistics export: Modify permissions.

Generate a Grouped Sales Report

  1. Click Statistics in the Back Office menu and select Sales Report.

    Sales Report view

  2. Select filters for the export.

  3. Click Export.

  4. Report will be generated, and you will be prompted to download the report (or the report is downloaded automatically, depending on your browser settings).

Report Overview

Below is an example of the report. The row numbers are for reference, and may differ on each generated report.

  • Rows 1-4: Filters which were used to restrict data for the report.

  • Row 5: Date, time and person name/email who generated the report.

  • Row 7: Headers.

  • Row 8: Store name. The data below belongs to this store until new store name appears.

  • Row 9: Category name. The data below belongs to this category until new category name appears.

  • Row 10: Product.

  • Rows 11-12: Ingredients which are part of this product.

  • Row 13: Category total. This is the sum of all products for given category.

  • Row 43: Store total. This is the sum of all products for given store.

Example of a grouped sales report

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