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Release Notes 04/2022 (Hotfix Release)

On this feature release we are publishing new version of Pricing Engine that will support multiple complex discounts on basket simultaneously, and added new Advanced Buy X Get Y discount type. This will open more flexible ways on creating discounts.

Advanced Buy X Get Y Discounts

A new discount option has been added: Advanced Buy X get Y. With this feature it is possible to define an amount or total value of X products the customer must buy in order to get a discount on Y products. It is possible to set a maximum amount for Y products that can be discounted.

The discount can be percentage or fixed price type, and it is also possible to define that product Y is free when product X is purchased.

For more information, see Create a New Discount.

Complex Multiple Discount Examples

Example: Package Offer

In this example a package offer is created, with discounted price for helmet and sticks when buying skis.

  1. Create two discounts with type Buy X Get Y:

    1. Create a discount where the sticks cost €10 when bought with skis.

    2. Create another discount where the helmet costs €30 eur when bought with skis.

Example: Volume Discount

In this example a volume discount, which is given when the customer buys more than 25 products is created.

  1. Create an Advanced Buy X Get Y discount:

    • set the Minimum quantity of X products to 25.

    • set maximum Number of Y products to be discounted to 9999.

    • add the same products to both X Products and Y Products.

Example: Multiple Complex Discounts Applied to the Same Basket

As seen in the following example, the discounts created in the examples above are applied simultaneously on the same basket.

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