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Adding Products to the Basket

You can add products to the basket by

  • pressing a product tile in the POS,

  • scanning a product, or

  • adding a product with the Find Products function.

All of the above methods can be used for adding products to a single basket. The product can also be a service product; service products are sold in the POS in the same manner as other products.

If a basic product has other measurement than pcs, a separate Set amount screen is displayed when adding the product to the Basket. Enter the amount of product that should be added to the Basket, and press Enter.

Set amount.PNG

Set amount screen in POS


In order to use barcode scanning for a product, the barcode must have been added to the basic settings of the product. Solteq Commerce Cloud supports several barcode standards, which means that a product can have more than one barcode. The supported standards include:

  • GTIN

  • code 39

  • code 128

  • EAN-8

  • EAN-13

If the barcode scanner has 2D capability, QR codes can be used for scanning products in the POS.

Adding an Open Product to the Basket

When you add an open product to the Basket, you must enter a price for it (usually open products are created with 0 price).

The entered price can be lower than the company price defined in the product Pricing information.

If a product has been defined an open inprice in the Back Office, you can also enter the inprice when you add the product to the Basket.

Entering a price for an open product (with an open inprice)

Adding a Custom Product to the Basket

When you add a custom product to the Basket, the product information card is displayed.

Custom product information card

The product has default settings which define its default price. If a custom product is modified, the price will be adjusted (if this is defined in the product settings). Pricing principles can be freely defined, and it is also possible to use the same default price even if the product is modified.

When you have selected the correct options, press Accept to add the custom product to the Basket.

Adding a Variant Product to the Basket

When you scan the barcode (or enter the SKU) of a variant, it will be added directly to the Basket. The variant details are visible in the Basket on the row of the product.

Variant product in the Basket

You can also search for variant products by using either

  • name,

  • model number, or

  • variant identifier.

When searching for products in the POS, go to Menu → Search for product.  Write one of the above search criteria into the search field (either partially or completely).

Product search with variant products displayed

When you add a variant product to the basket using product search, the product information card is displayed; the variant product attributes must be selected before the product can be added to the basket.

For example: If a t-shit is added to the Basket, its colour and size must be selected. Based on these selections the POS will fetch the correct size + colour combination, which has its own identifiers (barcode, SKU).

Variant product selection

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