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Gift Card Payments

If there are product or category limits for the gift card (as defined by the gift card template settings), it is possible to use the gift card as payment only for these particular products or product categories. If there is an attempt to pay for other products with the gift card, an error message is displayed in the POS; the payment must be made using another method.

Payment with a Gift Card with an Input Mask

This is the recommended method, and requires that an input mask must have been created first for POS gift card payments.

  1. When there are products in the Basket, scan the barcode/QR code in the card.

  2. POS identifies the code as belonging to a gift card, and payment is automatically started.

  3. Accept the payment by clicking Accept.

Payment Using the Start Payment Tile

This method requires that a Start payment action tile has been added to the POS layout, with the gift card payment as the Payment type.

  1. When there are products in the basket, press the Start Payment tile.

  2. Scan the barcode/QR code in the card (or enter the gift card number) and press Accept.

    Scanning/entering the gift card number

  3. Gift card details are displayed. Accept the payment by pressing Pay.

    Gift card details

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