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Personnel Ledger: Video Tutorials

Logging in Hours in the POS

  1. POS user with more than one Cost Unit logs in to POS.

  2. POS user selects the Cost Unit and starts the shift.

  3. Personnel Ledger in the Back Office shows that the POS user is currently working for the associated Cost Unit.

  4. POS user logs out; the shift does not end automatically.

  5. POS user ends the shift.

  6. Personnel ledger shows the hour report of the POS user.

Logging in Hours with No Access to POS

  1. User with no access to POS functions logs in and starts shift.

  2. User logs out.

  3. User logs in and ends shift.

  4. Personnel ledger shows the hour report of the non-POS user.

Admin User Logging In to the POS

  1. User whose Track Shifts setting is in OFF position logs in to the POS, without needing to use the Start Shift functionality.

  2. User will not be visible in Personnel Ledger hour report.

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